Current world events whether earthquakes, volcanoes, weather events, epidemics or those caused directly by mankind may be warning signs that we should heed. We have ample evidence that Divine Intervention can be in the form of flood, pestilence, war, or catastrophic earthquake or volcanic devastation. Our God has always shown the virtue of forbearance - patience and tolerance in the face of provocation. Eventually when human behaviour has become intolerable the punishment has been just and often terrifying. However he has often shown mercy to those who finally repent even at the proverbial last minute. Examples in Jonah 4:11 where God spared the mighty city of Ninevah; also 1 Kings 21:29 where God delayed a punishment for the house of King Ahab to the next generation.

The Middle East appears to be heading towards the conflict that will draw in the major powers who are now preparing urgently for this eventuality. This is prophecied in the Bible, particularly in Ezekial chapters 38 and 39. Russia is now far more active in the Middle East and East-West relationships are at a Cold War level.

When you see Damascus a "ruinous heap" and Israel weakened prepare for a conflict that will include many nations. Christ will overcome those who come up against Jerusalem and will ultimately establish his Kingdom. Those who resist will perish.

Major events are increasingly intense and happening at an ever more rapid pace. Is this the beginning of the birth pangs or beginning of sorrows prophecied in Matthew 24:8? 

For those ignoring the final warnings the outcome is plainly prophecied. God has a plan and purpose with the world and we are at the end of the time of the Gentiles. Those who ignore what is now evident risk being counted among the foolish virgins portrayed in the parable in Matthew 25:1-13.

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