Jacob started life in a similar manner to how he was to continue, and yet through experiences and trials, he turned from a con-man to God's man. Jacob's life is one of development from a selfish, scheming self reliant man, to a faithful man of God, one that finally recognised who is was control. Through Jacob we see that God takes us as we are, and patiently develops us into men and women worthy of his eternal reward.

Gen 25:21-25 Younger brother of Esau
Gen 25:29-34 Gained birthrite from Esau
Gen 27:1-41 Gained blessing by fraud
Gen 27:42-28:22 Fled to Haran, and had dream of angel on ladder
Gen 29:1-30 Served Laban and married his daughters Leah & Rachel
Gen 31: Fled from Laban
Gen 32:24-32 Wrestled with angel of Lord
Gen 33: Friendship with Esau restored
Gen 42-46: Went to Egypt during famine
Gen 49: Died in Egypt








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