God's "only begotten son" Jesus Christ, on several occasions revealed that salvation is based on a correct understanding of divine truth (Mk16:16; Rom 1:16; 1Cor 15:2-3). In praying to his Father (Jn17:3), Jesus stated "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." Not only is "One God" a teaching of the Old Testament, and confirmed by Jesus himself, it was the doctrine believed by those that first heard the Gospel message from Jesus himself and the disciples. The Apostles, believed in God the Creator, his Son Jesus the Christ, born of the virgin Mary, and God's power that sustains live itself, the Holy Spirit. God, his power and his son, and yet single in purpose as stated by Jesus, "yet for us there is One God, the Father, from whom are all things....and one Lord, Jesus Christ...However, not all possess this knowledge" (1Cor 8:6-7). (Also refer to 1Tim 2:5; Eph 4:6; Acts 2:22; Acts10:38). All these passages are consistent with God's claim through Moses in Duet 6:4.

In Acts 4:11-12 we are clearly told that our belief in this doctrine is a matter of salvation. In John's letters he makes clear the fact that those who do not believe Jesus came in the flesh (i.e. those that believe God is Jesus), have the spirit of antichrist (Refer to 1Jn 2:21-25; 4:1-3). John's 2nd letter foretells of deceivers coming declaring a belief different to Bible Truth in regard to the Godhead (2Jn 7:11).

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