1. If you don't live as the church tells you, you will burn in hell;

2. If you obey the church it will mean your immortal soul will live forever in heaven

(then to ensure the church has total control you make your confessions to a priest).

The problem is that not one of these is based on Bible teachings. In the Bible you are told that humans and animals have the same life source and at death all go to the same place; "...all are from dust, and all turn to dust again" (Eccl 3:19-20). There is no conscious existence in death, nothing lives on, no extension of ones being, not even for the righteous.

Again Solomon summarizes a Bible fact "For the living know that they will die; but the dead know nothing" (Eccl 9:5). So what are the Bible facts? 1. In the OT hell is the Hebrew word 'Sheol' and means "the grave" or "the pit." In the NT the word is 'Gehenna' or 'Hades.' Hades is equivalent to the OT Sheol and simply means grave. Gehenna is often rendered 'Hell fire' but when researched it is the geographical place 'Ge-hinnom' or 'Valley of Hinnom' on the edge of the old city of Jerusalem (ref: Jer 7:31-33; 2Kgs 23:10). Here dead animals and unburied criminals would be disposed of and in which fires were kept burning to avoid a stench.

2. Heaven is the place where the Lord God dwells, and where at present Jesus sits at his right hand (ref: Psa 110:1; Matt 26:64; Heb 10:12 & Acts 8:55-56). Jesus will soon return to earth from heaven to set up his Father's eternal Kingdom (ref: Psa 37:11,22,29; Isa 11:6-9; Matt 5:5; 6:10 and Rev 5:10; 21:1-8). Your choice:- The grave, or God's Kingdom here on Earth

The Bible is clear and says that God's Kingdom will be on earth!

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