Jesus lived a perfect life, was crucified by evil Jewish leaders, died, buried and was raised on the third day. The Bible tells us that he is now at the right hand side of his Father in heaven. It's there he will stay until God is ready to send Jesus back to earth to set up a Kingdom that will never be destroyed. This is why Jesus died; he died for us; so through baptism we can kill the power of death - SIN!

  • Birth of Jesus foretold - Luke 1
  • Birth of Jesus - Luke 2
  • Baptism of Jesus - Matt 3
  • Temptation in the wilderness - Matt 4
  • Beatitudes - Matt 5
  • Appointing 12 Disciples - Mark 3
  • Jesus on his return - Luke 17
  • Jesus' crucifiction - Matt 26-28
  • Jesus is raised to life - John 20-21

Why I believe the Bible

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