A man that God used to demonstrate his powers in a most dramatic way. Israel was being ruled by the foolish King Ahab and evil Queen Jezebel; who's leadership turned the people away from God and towards Baal. Elijah a man of faith and courage stepped up and showed with miraculous intervention that there is only one true God, "Yahweh;" the God of Abraham, Isaac & Israel - Today he still wants us to be his people.

  • Elijah the Tishbite. 1Kgs 17:1
  • No rain & dew except by God's word. 1Kgs 17:1
  • Fed by Ravens. 1Kgs 17:4-6
  • Battle against prophets of Baal. 1Kgs 18:38
  • Taken whirlwind & in chariot of fire. 2Kgs 2:1,11
  • Parts water. Kgs 2:8.

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