Public Presentations 7pm Sunday

Venue: Heathmont Christadelphian Hall, 14 Armstrong Road, Heathmont

You are welcome to the public presentations each Sunday. The duration of the evening program is one hour. The  topics include a consideration of prophecy in the light of current events, lessons from the Bible, and important issues of doctrine for all seeking to live a Christians life. 

February 2   God's plan for human redemption
  9   The Bible - what is it and how to interpret it
  16   Immortality - a conditional gift
  23   Coming troubles & the return of Jesus Christ
 March 1   Environmental Crisis - what does the Bible say?
  15   Why was Jesus crucified?
  22   The Creator's fingerprints
 April 19   The Jews God's witness
 May 3   World events that signal Christ's return to earth
` 17   The Book of Proverbs, Godly principles for life
  24   Israel - Divided by the UN: United by God
  31   The source of evil
June  14   Universal peace - is it possible?
  21   The Lord God is one God

Why I believe the Bible

Next Public Presentation
7.00 pm Sunday 23rd February
Coming Troubles and the return of Jesus Christ

Coming troubles and the Return of Jesus Christ

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