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download The Bible answer to human tragedy
Barry Dray (Shirley)

6.9 MB 30:04 min
download Bible Teaching on Trinity
John Cave (Hall Green)

36.6 MB 40:00 min
download Christian Baptism, it's history and meaning
James Manton (Cheltenham)

21.7 MB 23:45 min
download Earthquakes and the Bible
Trevor Hanson (Birmingham South)

11.1 MB 48:29 min
download Evolution VS Creation.
G Hill

5.8 MB 50:55 min
download Lecture - How Christ's Return Will Change the World
R Bracey

5.9 MB 51:49 min
download Jerusalem - God's future world capital
Tim Morgan (Stockport)

8.3 MB 36:19 min
download Lessons from Noah in the 21st Century
Karl Swan (B'ham Acock's Green)

8.9 MB 39:04 min
download Noah - lessons for today
Colin Walton (Shirley)

7.3 MB 31:44 min
download Palestine - Whose Land?
Tecwyn Morgan (Washwood Heath)

10.3 MB 45:08 min
download Road signs to the Kingdom of God
Andrew Parkin (Wythall)

9.4 MB 41:01 min
download The Bible and Archaeology
John Cave (Hall Green)

9.7 MB 42:29 min
download The Bible is True!
Rick Cannings (Shirley)

8.9 MB 38:57 min
download The Truth About Armageddon
Alex Watkins (Coventry West)

8.5 MB 36:57 min
download Walking with God
James Manton (Cheltenham)

8.2 MB 36:01 min
download What must I do to inherit eternal life?
Phil Ashcroft (Knowle & Dorridge)

8.4 MB 34:03 min
download How can God allow such suffering?
Tim Morgan (Stockport)

9.4 MB 40:51 min
download Britain's Muddled Election Result
David Billington

7.1 MB 7:47 min

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