God works in the lives of all types of people and in Ruth's story we see God's ready acceptance of anyone who is willing to seek a life of obedience to his way. Ruth married into a family of God's people and when her husband died, she choose to stay with her new family, rather than return to her past life. Ruth chose God's way over man's, and today this choice is the same. Through faithful people like Ruth we see that such a desire is pleasing to God. The Bible shows us that God seeks the same from us.

Ruth 1:1-4 Moabitess who married son of Jewish Naomi
Ruth 1:7 Naomi & Ruth return to Judah
Ruth 2:1-3 God arranged for Ruth worked in the fields of Boaz.
Ruth 3:1-5 Followed the customs of betrothel and married Boaz.

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400 Years!

The Bible commissioned by King James was translated into English in 1611, more than 400 years ago.

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