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The Heathmont Christadelphians are just like you! We are mothers & fathers, grandparents, aunts & uncles, brothers and sisters. We are accountants, teachers, salesmen and builders. We are IT people, bank employees and consultants; and yes, some own businesses, others work as receptionists, surveyors, electricians and cleaners. Just like most organizations, we are very normal men, woman and children that have dreams, aspirations and bills to pay.

So why do we meet together each week as a family at 14 Armstrong Road in Heathmont?

We meet together because even though we, like so many others, are just normal people, we share a worldwide set of beliefs that make us different from most Christian churches. We all believe that accurate knowledge is critical and it is only from the Bible we find God, life's directions and his eternal hope.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was sent to earth, lived a perfect life, died and was raised on the 3rd day. Due to this, we know that those baptized into a true understanding of the Gospel message live in anticipation of being granted a place in God's eternal Kingdom, here on earth.

Most Sundays we have an activity for visitors to come and learn about God and his purpose as seen within the pages of his holy scriptures. At the same time you will get to know us, and we you!

Christadelphians are unusual in that we don't have a paid ministry and this means that you can rest assured that our motives are only about you! Not one member is being paid for Church work!

We are your neighbours, why not come and visit. In these days of threat to decent family life we also have a safe environment for your children, either at our weekly Sunday School, or at our monthly Youth Group - "HYPe"

If you're at the other end of your life journey, enquire about our morning coffee discussions, and for parents with young children ask about our Parents with infants day class.

If you have any questions at all please contact us; we are you neighbours and we wish to get to know you.

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